JSP Tutorial

Further learning

The JSP tutorial presented here covers the most useful JSP programming constructs.  The tutorial is focused on being practical and simple, therefore not all details have been covered.


When you are comfortable with JSPs and ready to tackle more details, you may find it useful to review JSP specifications from Oracle's JSP page.  There is also a JSP quick reference card available from this site that can be handy to print out and keep.

An item to note is that JSP's eventually are turned into servlets, and though JSPs are much simpler than servlets, for some cases servlets are still useful.  Therefore you may want to also learn about servlets.

Interface Definitions

If you need to know exactly how to do some particular thing in JSP, e.g. how to get the remote user's machine name, or the query string, or how to re-direct the user's browser to a different page, or some similar thing, one good place to start looking is in these interface definitions:

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